Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunscreen Saftey Update

Lately there has been more talk about the importance of SPF and its effects on anti-aging and overall skincare. The FDA has issued new rules to prevent false and confusing claims in the beauty aisle.

- Look for the term "Broad Spectrum" on the bottle, since only products that shield against both types of radiation--UVA (Causes wrinkles and skin cancer) and UVB (Causes burns, too)--can claim it.
- Only sunscreens with broad-spectrum protection and SPF 15 of higher may claim to reduce the risk of skin cancer and early aging if used as directed--with frequent reapplication.
- Misleading terms like 'waterproof', 'sweatproof', and 'sunblock' are banned altogether. A product that bills itself as 'water-resistant' must specify how long you can stay in the water before it wears off--for either 40 or 80 minutes.

A Hot New Ingredient - TCA - Another powerful exfoliant to make the leap from doctor's office to drugstore. Trichloroacetic acid--familiar from once scary in-office peels, has been remixed for home use. Gloss Skin Retexturizing Cream by SkinLuma is a mixture of TCA, antioxidants and a mild retinoid that claims to boost cell turnover and collagen production while giving a glow. Right now, it only seems to be available by prescription. "This is the first time TCA has been stable and mild enough to be put in a cream. It exfoliates as well as 40 percent glycolic acid, but without irritation", says dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi.

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