Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kitchen Confidential Part 5

Gail Simmons - A judge on Bravo's Top Chef is the special projects director at Food & Wine.

Tipping Point - I weight myself twice a year- at the doctor's office. I do have ups and downs of probably five pounds; I judge based on how my clothes fit, and I've been either a size 6 or 8 for at least ten years now. Could I stand to lose five or ten pounds? Sure. But I can't make losing weight my life's work. I've never understood people who can survive on just salad and grilled chicken breast. Food is a great pleasure-it's not the enemy, and it shouldn't be a source of guilt.

The Strategy - I go to restaurants at least five times a week, and I don't finish everything, which is so counter to how I was raised. My mantra is, "There will be another meal." I'm incredibly fortunate to have this job and access to great restaurants, so even if this foie gras or lobster is incredible, I know I will eat lobster again. I also exercise. I live in NYC and walk home from dinner whenever I can. I always say if I lived anywhere else, I'd be ten pounds heavier. I'm also a runner

Weight Maintenance - For snacks, I keep a little dark chocolate and unsulfured dried fruit. The Bananas Flattened from Trader Joe's are like candy. I don't keep processed food or refined flour in my kitchen. If I have pretzels, they're whole grain; if it's pasta, whole wheat. I know it's not going to change my life, but a little fiber is always a good thing. Before shooting Top Chef: Just Desserts, I start each day with kale and cucumber juice and poached eggs over a bowl of wilted spinach. That way, I have protein and vegetables before eating dessert for the rest of the day.

Source: Allure

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