Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lose the Last 10 Pounds: Afternoon

Ok guys! It's time to fuel up, work out, and recover.

Preworkout Meal - This will consist of protein and fast-burning (Simple) carbs. In mid to late afternoon, it's time to put away some fuel before you hit the weight room. Half a turkey-breast sandwich and a banana will do the trick. The turkey's protein gives your muscles some material to work with in the never ending process of repair and rebuilding, and the simple carbs provide easy energy for the coming workout. This combo also raises your insulin levels which opens up blood vessels and allow for a better pump in your working muscles. Not only is a pump a nice reward for all o f your hard work, but it also squeezes nutrients into your muscles to speed recovery and growth

Workout - Now, we move on to a strategic destruction of muscle fibers. It's hard but not impossible to build muscle mass while you're following a strict diet and limiting calories like Lowery. The key is to do as much as you can without compromising your ability to recover in time for the next workout. Lowery suggests splitting up your exercises so you're rarely working upper body and lower body muscles on the same day. Instead, push the targeted muscles to exhaustion, always working from the center of the body, outward. Lowery starts training his chest and back and then moves outward to his shoulders and arms.

To work your upper torso with his system, you'd begin with basic, heavy lifts; 3 or 4 sets of 5 reps of barbell bench presses and dumbbell rows, for example. Next you'd perform 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps of dumbbell shoulder presses and lat pulldowns. Then you'd finish with 1 or 2 sets of 20 reps of bicep curls and tricep extensions.

Post-Workout Shake - You don't need a lot of protein and carbs following your workout; just a small protein shake or smoothie should work, or even a glass or two of low-fat or non-fat milk. The timing of when you eat fat doesn't matter in the way it does for protein or carbs.

Source: Men's Health

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