Monday, October 28, 2013

Kate Hudson's Beauty Rules

1. Embrace your inner thrillseeker. "I've bungee jumped, I travel a lot, but I've never been to the Scychelles. And I'd love to go to Thailand."

2. Use this goo everywhere. "I discovered Egyptian Magic about 14 years ago. My hair is straight in some places, curly in others. And a friend of mine was like 'You've got to get this stuff!'. I put it on my hair, my face, my body, my kids."

3. Stay natural. "I probably wouldn't do eyelash extensions or anything too experimental. I like to keep it simple."

4. Start with what's inside. "My mom's so great. She really is wonderful. The best beauty advice she's given me is that being happy always make you look a little bit better. Happiness is what she's most interested in for us and our bunch of boys."

5. Look Alive! "I'm the face of Allmay's Wake-Up collection. It feels cold on your skin, which is great. A makeup artist once told me that Paul Newman would dunk his face in ice water in the morning. Guys, They'd much rather stick their head in ice water than put makeup on. But I started doing it too!"

6. Doctor your products. "I mix exfoliator with cleanser to make it gentler. And when I wear lots of makeup, I use moisturizer underneath for that dewy look."

Source: Glamour

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