Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kitchen Confidential Part 4

Ramani Durvasula - Durvasula is a professor of psychology specializing in diet and exercise at California State Univ. Los Angeles and the consulting psychologist on Bravo's Thintervention With Jackie Warner.

Tipping Point - By my late 30's, I was married and had two kids and was up for tenure, and probably eating three to four thousand calories a day. My weight was up to 200 pounds- when you're 5'5'' like me, that is obese. I just wasn't paying attention. My daughter started going to a posh kindergarten, and those other mothers were so unkind to me; it was like high school. So yeah, revenge is what motivated me.

The Strategy - I maintain my weight by eating 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day. Mostly I changed my habits. Bad eating, like any bad habit, is automatic. We talk about this in addiction study all the time-breaking the chain of automatic. I did that with food. I lost 80 pounds in seventeen months.

Weight Maintenance - I got a child lock and kept it on the cabinet that held my kids' snacks. The lock required two hands, and I couldn't open it mindlessly, and it took enough time for me to think why I'm doing this just to get a snack. I still talk to myself aloud int he car when I pass In-N-Out burger:  "Why do you want that?" When my kids are with my ex-husband, I eat alone. Eating alone makes me eat too fast and too much, so I will call a friend to talk to them while I eat. I still eat all the time, as long as it's fruits and vegetables. Those are unlimited, and really, who craves more than two peaches in one sitting? For lunch, I'll have nonfat Greek yogurt, or nonfat cottage cheese mixed with salsa or Indian spices and pickled mango. For snack: grapes, salty seaweed snacks, and I love kale chips. I leave almonds in the car, because in L.A., everything else melts. At least five days a week I do 45 minutes of brisk walking on a treadmill, then fifteen minutes of weights, ten minutes of squats and lunges, and 200 crunches.

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