Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stop It. Right Now

Simply eliminate these activities and streamline your world!

1. Using one email address - Your broadband internet deal includes a bunch of inboxes. Use one for your friends and family, the other for shopping and spam.

2. Joining - You have your pilates class, softball league, golf league, poker night... Give up two, because your leisure time is killing you.

3. Engaging in "Appointment TV" - Let DVR emancipate you from commercials and watching the crap like 90210 before your favorite show (Like Ringer) comes on.

4. Watching Network News - It's crap. Overwrough, oversold, overbiased crap. Get on the internet and you'll be informed of everything in 15 minutes.

5. Juggling Three Women/Men - Let two down gently and hold the third up for everyone to see.

6. Overpromising - No one believes you anyway.

7. Overpacking - Have you ever needed the extra shoes?

8. Overnegotiating - You spend the day nibbling the guy down to a hunder over invoice. I'm going to read a book.

9. Overworking - The more you do, the more they'll give you.

10. Undervacationing - Take a 3 day weekend immediately. And don't overpack.

11. Opening Junk Mail - Their willingness to welcome you to the DVD club should not be linked to your self-esteem.

12. Micromanaging - Delegating is not a form of outsourcing.

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