Thursday, April 12, 2012

Soy Disappointing

Soy milk seems healthier, but is it another thing that's too good to be true?
Keep reading to find out the knitty gritty on how soy milk could cost you more than just money….

Sometimes when you see a new product claim to be healthy, you have to dig a little deeper. Don’t believe everything you read on the container. Be a skeptic when you go grocery shopping for weight loss. The soy industry is making a lot of claims. For example, soymilk is popular among menopausal women for its claimed ability to reduce hot flashes and slow the effects of osteoporosis, and among middle aged men to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. As you can imagine, this would drastically increase sales for soy producers. As great as soy says it is, there is a darker side to soy milk.

Soy in its raw form is inedible. Soy has to go through a complicated fermentation process or a high temperature processing and acid washing to be usable by the human body. Soy also contains enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. Both of these can block good vitamins and minerals you get from the other foods you eat, potentially causing malnutrition.

The question is: Do the benefits of soy outweigh the dangers?
Soy milk is getting so popular that cows actually have to market their goods!
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on Soy Milk

The Good…
Studies have shown that where the consumption of soy is higher, like in the Orient, there is a lower percentage of breast, uterus, and prostate cancer.Soy has been proven to help women through menopause and lessen the symptoms of PMS due to the high level of estrogen-like component, called isoflavones, it contains.

The Bad…
 Asians do, however, have a higher rate of thyroid, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, and liver cancer.The amount of phytoestrogens in soy milk is so high that it can cause infertility.

The Ugly…
Soy has been shown to cause thyroid cancer in laboratory rats. Hmm? Think there is a connection here? A baby that is fed soy formula is given the same amount of estrogen as it would if you fed it five birth control pills per day! If that isn’t scary enough, most soy is one of the most pesticide contaminated, aluminum laced, and genetically modified product you can eat.

The Final Verdict
If you are one of the few who used to swear by soy milk and you feel as if you have been violated by the soy industry, don’t beat yourself up.There are many more products out there that are marketed as being a “healthier choice” but are actually worse than the original. For example 100 calorie snack packs are tempting for those who are on a diet, but they still aren’t good snack choices. A good trick to decide whether a food is healthier is to choose it in its most raw form. In this instance, soy milk isn’t available in its raw form, so stay away from it.


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