Friday, April 13, 2012

Stay In The Game

Stop and Start to fight muscle strains - Sprint-based sports like baseball and basketball churn out a lot of lower-body muscle strains. The fix: stop-and-start drills.

"If you train your body to do something that's specific to your sport, then that training should take you through a full season," says Arizona Diamondbacks veteran shortstop Royce Clayton.
Try his drill: Run 40 yards at about 70 percent of your maximum effort, slow to a jog for 10 yards, then pick it up again for another 40 yards. Repeat four or five times. You'll be conditioned to sprint to first base, slow down, and charge for second, or run out for a pass if your teammate steals the basketball. There's glory for the first man down court.

Source: Men's Health

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