Saturday, April 21, 2012

Health Threats You Can't Ignore!

Usually when you get a nosebleed or a pimple your first instinct is to head to the doctor's office. Most of the time, it's not something to worry about. Sometimes something that seems small is an indication of something bigger going on. These are "third-tier" complaints that just might be trying to warn you about a first-tier problem.

Sore Knees - It's not uncommon to feel a creak, tweak, or twinge in your knees after intense activity. If the the ache lasts longer than 2 hours, it may indicate osteoarthritis, says Virginia Kraus, M.D., Ph.D., an associate professor at Duke University. The first step is to rule out overexertion as the culprit. Cut back on the duration of your exercise regimen, the monitor your knee pain. If symptoms persist beyond 3 months, it suggests an underlying musculoskeletal problem. The best way to ID osteroarthritis is with an X-ray, so if this is you, make an appointment. In a study by the University of Maryland, acupuncture had a 40 percent decrease in pain for those with osteoarthritis. Another study by the National Institutes of Health showed that those who lost 11 pounds cut their risk for OA in half.

Source: Men's Health

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