Friday, April 20, 2012

Stay In The Game

Protect your nose -  Once you wipe out, your surfboard becomes a weapon -- boards inflict 55 percent of all surfing injuries. Make it less dangerous by applying a rubber "nose guard" to your board ($20, Acting as a front bumper, it wraps around and caps the pointy front end of your board. "If it hits you, it doesn't really hurt," says pro windsurfer Tristan Boxford.

Replace your funky equipment - Stressing joints that are out of alignment, also referred to as overuse, is a major cause of sports injuries. "Even a bike or racket that's not properly sized for you can cause improper movement patterns that spawn overuse injuries," says Mark Verstegen, M.S., C.S.C.S., director of performance for the NFL Players Association. The extra hundred bucks you spend at the pro shop can save you 10 times that at the orthopedic doctor's office. The choice is yours, sport.

Source: Men's Health

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