Friday, February 10, 2012

Eye Opener

Want to look younger and more awake? Try these tips for pampering tired eyes.

Intensify - If you love smoky, sultry eyes but don't have the patience to apply layers of dark shadow, here's a low-effort way to smolder. Arm yourself with two soft eye pencils in shimmery, complementary tones like copper and cocoa. Ones that are soft enough to draw smoothly on the back of your hand. 
Starting directly above your pupil, gently but firmly drag the flat side of the lighter pencil - not the tip - along the lash line toward the outer corner of the eye. Return to the middle and do the same thing going toward your nose. Then, with an angled shadow brush (MAC 266 $20) blur the stripe in both directions to create a hazy look. 
                To turn it up a notch for a night out, wiggle the darker pencil into the roots of upper and lower lashes to give the illusion of fuller fringe. Then swipe the lighter liner along lower lashes and blink firmly three to five times. You'll end up with a subtle bottom-lid smudge, not raccoon eyes. Try Maybelline NY Line Express ($6) for intentional smudging.
Volumize - It's tempting to ignore tiny lower lashes, but giving them some extra attention adds instant impact. Now it's easy too, thanks to new mascaras designed to make the most of the paltry bottom fringe - without producing the dreaded spider effect. The smaller brushes are great for touching up any fine hairs your go-to wand misses. Try Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara ($10).

Source: Glamour

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