Thursday, February 9, 2012

Conquer Your Inner Cookie Monster

Anyone trying the 'Snob Diet' yet? I can't rave enough about it. I'm never hungry anymore and my pants get looser every week! I got my boyfriend on it and its motivated him to lay off the Diet Coke and drink way more water since all his flavor is coming from the rich, high quality foods I've been cooking.

Here are some easy rules to follow when trying to stave off your junk food cravings:

Avoid Your Triggers - Spend your day thinking about where you are and what you're doing when a craving hits. Does it hit when you drive past the Mcdonald's or Starbucks? Take an alternate route through a residential area instead of commercial. Try to change one trigger at a time, though.

Take Control -  Develop strategies for the triggers you can't avoid. For example, if someone brings cupcakes to work,  resolve this issue by splitting one with a co worker or just taking a few bites.

Stick to a Schedule - Aim to eat only at set meal and snack times, about every four hours to help prevent mindless grazing.

Get Some Satisfaction - If you bring a salad for lunch every day, it's no wonder you're likely to ditch it for pizza. Include indulgences a few times a week, but keep portions reasonable. Packing a few cookies to satisfy your need for something sweet is a better strategy than depriving yourself until you rebel and eat a huge sundae.

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