Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wake-Up Call!

What you need to know to keep your face looking good.

Fast foods, skipped workouts, fights with your boss, and lack of sleep will eventually take a toll on your face. Besides sun damage, loss of collagen is a prime reason men's faces show signs of aging. This protein gives skin its plumpness--a baby's cheeks have plenty of it; your favorite beatnik's mug does not. So, if you want to avoid looking like the crypt-keeper later, adopt good habits and start using better skin-care products now.

Try these tips to look fresh and alert all day

Dark Circles -  Allergies and sinus problems cause the blood vessels around your eyes to dilate, creating a purplish hue. Another culprit: aging. Loss of collagen thins the skin around the eyes, making blood vessels more visible. An eye cream with caffeine constricts blood vessels. Pat a pea-sized amount onto circles morning and night. I suggest Vita-K Dark Circles. It's around $12 at WalMart.

Lackluster Skin -  Alcohol, caffeine, and stress inhibit skin cells from turning over at a normal speed, leaving behind a layer of face dulling dead skin. Morning and night, use a moisturizer with alpha hydroxy acids. It hydrates your skin and sloughs away dead cells. I suggest Neutrogena Healthy Skin Moisturizer with 15 SPF. It's a multi-vitamin treatment with alpha hydroxy. Around $11 at Target.

Bloodshot Eyes - When eyes are oxygen depleted -- from booze, allergies, or starting at a computer screen-- they pump extra blood to compensate. Replace moisture by using eye drops a few times a day. Drops also keep you from rubbing your eyes, which can make things worse.

Source: Men's Health

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