Friday, June 8, 2012

Stay In The Game

Swing a racket with your legs - "People forget to use their legs when they're hitting their serve or other strokes," says Doug Spreen, A.T.C., trainer of tennis pro Andy Roddick. For instance, when you toss the ball up for a serve, you'll stress your lower back if you're not using your legs. "Bend your knees and push up and through the serve with your legs. You'll gather power from the strongest part of your body."

Loosen your shoulders - "An injured rotator cuff can shut down a shoulder," says Spreen, who suggests adding external- and internal-rotation stretching to protect your cuffs.

External: Stand with your right arm straight out to the side and parallel to the floor. Bend your elbow so your arm forms a right angle and your forearm points straight up. Keeping your elbow in place, move your hand back until you feel slight tension in your shoulder.

Internal: Same as above, except that your forearm should point straight down toward the floor at the start. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds.

Source: Men's Health

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