Sunday, June 10, 2012

Health Threats You Can't Ignore!

Usually when you get a nosebleed or a pimple your first instinct is to head to the doctor's office. Most of the time, it's not something to worry about. Sometimes something that seems small is an indication of something bigger going on. These are "third-tier" complaints that just might be trying to warn you about a first-tier problem.

Sore Throat - Swallowing is sheer masochism when you have a sore throat, yet according to a recent study in the Journal of American Medical Association , up to 40 percent of adults pop antibiotics for the condition, even though there's no evidence that the cause is bacterial. Most men go the other extreme and try to wait out a sore throat, no matter how much it hurts or for how long. Not a wise move, especially if the sensation of crushed glass in your throat lasts more than 3 days or changes the way you speak. These are signs of strep throat. "If the infection gets deep into your tonsils, the lymph nodes and surrounding tissure are overwhelmed with pus and can't drain," says Dr. Oz. "That can close your airways so you can't breathe."

 Your doctor can swab your throat and test for the condition within minutes. If it comes back positive, then antibiotics are the best answer.

Source: Men's Health

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