Saturday, January 28, 2012

" The Snob Diet "

You probably invest a little extra money in your skin care, your shoes, your mattress, your clothes. How much do you invest in what you put into your body? These days all you see are people eating whatever is easily available, and many of it is processed, low-fat foods in an effort to control their weight. The truth is, these sub-par foods don't satisfy you the way that high-quality foods do. Maybe we should humor the idea of ditching the fat-free pudding and going for a scoop of the premium ice cream instead. Nutritionists swear that giving up the fake food and taking up the good stuff will help you lose weight. Think dark chocolate, rich gelato, block cheeses, filet mignon, potroast, eggs. Add in the fresh veggies and fruits you already love and you got a satisfying way to live.

Crazy talk! The reasoning behind this idea is simple. Eating food that is flavorful and in high quality will light up nerve receptors that link to the satiety center of the brain within two minutes of your first bite. It takes your brain twenty minutes to register fullness in your stomach. Packaged, processed foods lack the kind of aroma that helps prime fullness even before you take your first bite. They also prompt you to 'flavor chase', or keep nibbling to find some satisfaction from an inherently unsatisfying food. On top of that, they are less nutritious and quickly digested. So even after that bag of cheetos, you're still hungry a short time later. It kind of goes to that stigma that Chinese food makes you hungry after half an hour. It's full of grease, bread and salt.

How many of you are actually full on the Healthy Choice meals? It might be better to take a slice of home made pizza, eat half of it and be full. Portion size is the key to staying slim. You should stop eating when you've had just enough. Not too much, not too little (Goldilocks anyone?). A lot of dieters have lost touch with what that means... either being full but not satisfied or overindulging in a forbidden food and being satisfied but lethargic. Snob foods are so good that they prompt you to focus on every bite you're eating.

When you eat what you really like, you're less apt to pig out because you never feel like it's the Last Supper. Snobs indulge their cravings and eat less. Don't eat a pound of cheese and think you're following this diet! LOL. One disadvantage to eating high-quality foods is that they aren't readily available everywhere, so you have to think ahead. It saves you from the oops moments like getting breakfast from the vending machine or stopping at Domino's for lunch. I'll give you an example of a person's diet in a 'low cal' day and a 'snob' day.


8:45am - Bacon and egg on a roll and hashbrowns from a fast food place.
11am - Diet Coke and handful of walnuts
1pm - A chocolate peanut butter smoothie from a local smoothie shop
3:15pm -  Chips and salsa
8pm - Chicken parmesan on garlic bread with fries
End result - 2,500 calories

Snob Diet

8:45am - Egg omelet with sharp cheddar cheese and tomatoes made at home
11am - Still full from breakfast
1pm - Turkey and goat cheese garden salad with a vinaigrette and a dark chocolate brownie..from home
3:15pm - Blueberries with creamy Greek yogurt
8pm - Homemade pot roast with veggies and herbs. Finish off with a glass of wine
End result - 2,100 calories

So there you go. With the snob diet, this person will lose one pound a week. So pass me the dark chocolate. I'll pass on the snicker's bar.

<3 = :-)

Source: Glamour

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