Sunday, January 29, 2012

Miranda Kerr's Body

Miranda Kerr. The name just gets me excited. Other than being one of the cutest things I've ever seen on the runway (Or ever), she is also known for her advocacy for healthy eating, exercise and skincare line. A fan recently asked Miranda what kind of diet she ate to stay fit. Below is her answer. Miranda is engaged into a plan that devotes 75 minutes to various interval training exercises. After the must have stretching session she and her trainer go for jogging and they run no less than 5km at least 2 times per week. The cardio exercises keep their heart rate at the desired  level to help them burn the extra calories.Also note that Miranda admitted to using green tea supplement pills to aid in her routine. Also note that the English and Australians have their traditional 'Tea time' which they take religiously. Constantly feeding your body keeps metabolism up. We are talking about fruit and tea for snacks, not chips and dip! ;]

A typical daily diet if I am home is:
* Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt and muesli
* 2 x Rye toast with avocado and boiled eggs
* Water with lemon and ginger
* Cup of green tea

Pecans, almonds and walnuts to nibble on for morning tea (sometimes roasted in tamari)
Fresh tuna salad with spelt crispbreads
Water with lemon
Dandelion Tea
Piece of fruit or nuts for afternoon tea

Either a salmon steak or other fish or Lamb Loin chops or a piece of steak with veges or salad
I don’t eat a lot of potato, but I eat heaps of greens and sweet potato and pumpkin roasted.
Cup of Green tea with ginger
Hope this helps. Love Miranda

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