Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fat Loss

"Will _____ help me lose weight?"

Juice Fast - No. I have yet to know one person who has done a juice fast and kept the weight off. You'll gain it back when you eat real food again.

Cayenne, Maple, Lemon fast - No. At least the juice fast gives you some kind of calories and antioxidants.

Cutting out the 'white' stuff - Yes. Refined foods like white flour and sugar have been stripped of vitamins and minerals. Not to mention fiber, which leaves you fuller longer. It's one of the fastest ways a person can lose weight. I hate that word...fat.

Spicy Foods - Yes. It boosts metabolism, and the more you eat, the more effect it has. It could take off up to 10 pounds in one year. Not much, I know. I take cayenne pepper capsules from GNC to support digestive functions. My Herbalist also said that too many spicy foods can make you irritable.

Paying with cash - Maybe. A recent study found that people who use a credit card to buy food make more impulse junk food purchases, and just more food than they originally intended.

A Gluten-Free Diet - No. Gluten is a grain protein in wheat, rye and barley. It has nothing to do with weight gain.

A Low-Carb diet - No. you may lose in the short term, but mostly water weight. Carbohydrates are the body's preferred energy source. Get rid of 'white' carbs, but if you take away whole grains, you risk mood swings and cravings.

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