Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ay, There's The Scrub!

Some remnants of summer--like your beach hookup who won't stop commenting on your facebook photos-- are hard to get rid of. But, the dead skin cells built up from months of sun? Simple: Exfoliate. A dime-sized drop of facial scrub can leave you looking and feeling revitalized.

Shed Some Skin - "When you scrub, you're removing the top two layers of skin," says Rita Csizmadia. She's the owner of Rita's Institute for Beautiful Skin, a medical spa in Los Angeles. "A man exfoliates almost every day, in a way, by shaving. That leaves the upper part of his face not exfoliated, though."

Banish Ingrown Hairs - These cause irritation and leave you looking like you lost a fight with your razor. A skin buffer can bring the hair to the surface. "It breaks that follicle and brings the hair out," making it easier to remove the next time you shave.

Know Your Limits - Exfoliate once a week--any more often and you risk both irritation and an increase in oil production, Csizmadia says. That means your skin will simply go from flaky to oily. "An exfoliator irritates the skin a little bit, so if you shave right after, you can cause more irritation."

How to do it - Use your hands to gently rub the granules in a circular motion all over your face. Then rinse them off with a soft washcloth to reveal a fresh layer of skin.

Bulldog original face scrub: $10 (888) 232-7431 - Ground coconut shells help remove dead skin. Has a fresh smell, too. 

Kiehl's Faciel Fuel Energizing Scrub $18,

Source: Men's Health

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