Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stay In The Game

Face your attacker - In a lot of sports, it's not whether you'll be nailed, it's whether you'll be able to absorb the blow. Bettis does a footwork drill based on a Latin dance move -- the carioca -- to maintain his agility and to face linemen squarely.
Try it: Move laterally along a straight line, using crossover steps. Facing forward with your shoulders squared and both hands held out in front as if to absorb a tackle, swivel your hips from side to side, rotating to face the sideline.
"The more relaxed your hips are, the more responsive they are, and the better your body's going to react to a hit," Bettis says.

 Assess the course -  It doesn't matter whether you're biking, paddling, or skiing -- take a dry run down any route first. "You see a lot of paddlers injured because they just don't know what they're getting into," says Tao Berman, a world-class kayaker who holds the record for running the highest waterfall (98.4 feet) in a kayak. "If I look at a fall and think I'm not going to be able to control the way I land, then I walk away." As should you.

Source: Men's Health

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