Sunday, May 5, 2013

Men: Shaving Routine

Now that you have more choices than Barbasol and a Bic, the products and process can be overwhelming. Here's what you need to know.

1. Exfoliate - For thirty seconds. This removes dead skin cells and lifts stubble.

2. Prepare - For thirty seconds. A few drops of preshave oil are essential if you have more than a day's growth. (Anthony logistics pre-shave oil.

3. Lather - For two minutes. A brush is best for lifting whiskers. If you want to go hands-on, just make sure you've really massaged the foam into your beard.

4. Shave - The best razor is one that lets you use a light stroke so you don't push down too hard and risk causing nicks.

5. Repair - Did you nick yourself? Use a naturally medicated stone that contains healing alum and potassium.

6. Moisturize - Leave your face a little damp and massage in a bit of moisturizer or aftershave to seal in the moisture. It'll keep you from looking old prematurely.

7. Restore - Once a week, use a natural clay mask to calm shaving irritation with minerals and oils.

Source: Men's Health

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