Friday, August 24, 2012

Stay In The Game

Buy running shoes after work - Shop at night, when your feet are swollen after a day of pounding, advises Chad Asplund, M.D., a physician at Eisenhower Army Medical Center in Georgia and a running-shoe researcher. It approximates how big your feet will be after the first 3 miles of your run.

Exercise off road - Unstable surfaces train stable ankles.

 Beat the heat - Humid environments -- i.e., anywhere south of, say, Maine and east of Colorado -- only make asthma worse, as Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jerome Bettis well knows. He passed out on the field in 1997 from an asthma attack. "You can't just react to the problem. You have to make sure it's controlled," he says. Even though he can't change midday practice times, you can. Run early. Temperatures are lower, and so are the humidity and ozone levels that can induce an attack. (Find more tips online at

Source: Men's Health

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